Our Mission

The Many Brains Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit that promotes the values, techniques, and tools of open, participant-centered brain science. The Many Brains Project (1) provides access to high quality cognitive tests and (2) supports the development of infrastructure, software, and research initiatives that emphasize open science solutions, participant-centered research, and help further the science of the mind / brain and brain health. At Many Brains, we believe brain science will benefit most from an approach that involves the active collaboration of many participants, many researchers, many organizations, and many communities. We have a vision of a brain science that emerges from the contributions of many brains, built on a foundation of openness, accessibility, and integrity.

Our research platform, TestMyBrain.org, has generated some of the largest samples in cognition and perception research, with 2.3 million people tested since 2008.


We have 50+ cognitive tests available that have been validated through TestMyBrain.org. These tests span a full range of cognitive functions. For a full list, please contact us at info@manybrains.net.


    The ability to encode and retrieve information, over short and long intervals. Includes measures of visual short term memory, object memory, face memory, verbal memory, and episodic memory.


    General cognitive ability or intellectual ability. Includes measures of verbal reasoning, visual reasoning, processing speed, and working memory.

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    Selecting, maintaining, updating, manipulating, and attending to information. Includes measures of sustained attention, visuospatial attention, cognitive control, working memory, impulsivity, decision-making, risk-taking, and reward-related processing.

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    Perceiving and understanding information about other people. Includes measures of face perception, face identity recognition, emotion identification, emotion discrimination, trait perception, social decision-making, and theory of mind.


Laura Germine, Ph.D. President and Director

Ken Nakayama, Ph.D. Director and Principal Investigator

Jeremy Wilmer, Ph.D. Director and Principal Investigator